Food Safety Plans

Food safety ensures quality. A quality product builds a strong market for all of us. That’s important. The food safety plan protects the product from the water to the table.


The plans cover all areas of the seafood industry and the templates have been built to help you develop a food safety plan for your business. There are four templates along with a Food Safety Guidelines.

The templates are;

Every stage of handling is covered so that in this way the food can be tracked all the way to the consumer. The fillet in the fish market can be traced all the way to the source of the catch, so we all share in the responsibility in making our product safe for eating.

mulletYou will have one template that relates to your business. You may have other templates as well. For example, a fisherman who sells to wholesalers and also to the public needs the wild catch and the retail template. A trout farm that supplies restaurants and smokes trout for sale needs an aquacultureprocessing and retail templates.

The job now is to identify where your business fits with the templates – across what areas do you operate? Once you have identified the requirements, you can customise the templates as you need.

Refer to the guidelines document for a complete explanation on how to proceed. If you have any queries contact the SIV office.